SXSW Create is coming up March 10th through the 12th. In the past we have set up Thursday afternoon with final touches Friday morning. I am working with their new organizer to find out how big the booth will be this year. Last year we had a 20’x20′ booth. I am expecting the same this year.
As soon as I know more I will start to call for demos and exhibits for the show. This year we will be grouping our exhibits into four topics:
  • Industrial Robotics: Think CNC and the Puma Arm
  • Robots in Education: These would be smaller robots used to teach STEM.
  • Robots in Entertainment: Rick’s Player Piano would be a prime example. But also think animatronics, animated art, and things like that.
  • Research Robots: Nomad is a prime example of a robot being built for research purposes.

So, start thinking about projects that would fit into these categories. I have a feeling we’ll need more than Nomad for research.

If you don’t have a project to bring out, we still need volunteers to help man the booth. Three days is a long time and we’ll need enough people to be able to rotate out our volunteers. I will be posting a calendar with time slots that will need to be filled. I’ll know more, again, when I find out about the booth size. Once we know the projects that will be displayed, we will need to figure out how to get people up to speed on them. Chances are we’ll have to get a couple people knowledgeable on each of the main, more complicated displays, so once we know what those will be I’ll list them out so folks can choose which ones they want to know more about so they can speak about them.
In addition, April 1st, the Boy Scouts are having their STEMboree at Anderson High School from 9AM to 3PM. I’ve reached out to them to see how they’d like us to participate. We are hoping to leverage some, if not all, the displays and volunteers from SXSW for that show. Again, more information will be sent out as I know more.