We are excited to be participating in the Austin Mini Maker Fair on May 16th and 17th. We’ve been at the last two AMMFs and it has been a great time.

This year we are hoping to be able to present more robot work from our members including the ‘bots built for our upcoming competition night. I’d like to see a bunch of these smaller robots running around trying not to collide.

Nomad will be making another appearance in his continuing evolution. Maybe he’ll even be operational.

BARB (Big Autonomous Robot Base) is being revived as well and though she probably won’t be operational on arrival the plan is to for it to be an ongoing demonstration of robot development. So, hopefully, she’ll be running about by the end of the weekend. To get her there will involve connecting the electronics, motor controllers, etc. as well as getting the programming back up to snuff.

The Zumo line follower will be there doing what line followers do and there will be a number of other projects on display there as well.

So, come on out to the Parmer Event Center on May 16th & 17th and visit us at the Robot Group booth.

More details to come.