Last night was the 2nd installment of The Robot Group’s 5th Thursday Competition Night. Unfortunately there were no robots really ready to compete. Gray got his edge detecting working nicely and, I guess, he won that contest since there were no other competitors and the ‘bot completed the task. So, congratulations Gray.

Despite the competition component of the night pretty much failing, we did have a good night. There were several people working on robots; the aforementioned Gray, Josh, and a few others. One of our new members was working on a new quad-copter and a couple of us worked on assembling the parts we have of the InMoov.

I am going to qualify this particular assembly as a test fitting of the parts. There is a lot of clean up that needs to happen to the edges to cut back on the gapping int he seams. We did notice there was some significant shrinking in the printed parts which won’t be fixed with the edge cleanup. But Bill got some tips from Rob, our 3D printing coach, and the next batch of parts should turn out much better.

Included with this initial build were a number of mechanical parts including the gears that allow the head to turn and the jaw mechanism. Some sanding was necessary to get the mechanisms to work properly and we’ll need to drill out the jaw hinge attachment a little larger so it operates smoother, but the parts are working nicely.

Some new screws will need to be ordered. Something a little longer than we have now. And it turns out some of the structure is dependent on the motors. So we’ll need to see what we can do about addressing that.

All in all the build is already looking good. So we just need to keep up the pace.