It has been confirmed that we have a 20×20 booth again this year. That means we will need a minimum 4 to 6 people manning the booth got all three days.
The more folks we have volunteering, the more flexible we can be with the time. We want everyone to be able to get out and explore the event. There’s always a lot of very cool exhibits, so we want you to come out, help us get some new members, and see the event (and those of us that are there all weekend appreciate being able to eat).
A day at Create generally looks like this. You’ll hang out at the booth and learn about the various projects. Once you’re comfortable with one or more spiel, you’ll jump in and help engage the guests. If you get questions you can’t answer, you’d defer those to the owner of the display. You’ll be able to wander around the event as your leisure, assuming you spend most of your time helping at the booth. Periodically, the exhibitors will want to wander, take a bio break, or stuff food in their face and you’d need to help cover for them while they’re out an about.
To volunteer, please go to our web-site at, sign in or register. Then go to events/volunteering from the main menu (top of page). There you will see the calendar and a list of the days. Click on the title for each day you are available to volunteer and select the shifts you are available. I have them broken into 2 hour shifts and you can select as many as you like.
The volunteers so far:
Myself – all day, all three days
Rick – all day, all three days
Wolf – all day, all three days
Mike – all day, all three days
Kurt – all day, Saturday
Chip – all day, Saturday and Sunday
Kevin – ??? – has volunteered, I don’t recall if he said when.
The exhibits planned so far…
  • Nomad (of course, Me)
  • Rick’s Piano
  • Sonar radar (Rick)
  • Infinity Mirror (Rick)
  • Sand Draw (TRG as a whole, mostly Rick)
  • Telemaster, RC Plane (Wolf)
  • Quadcopter (Wolf)
  • Ping Pong Printer (Wolf)
  • Animatronic Eyes (Rick)
  • Frankenlab CNC (from Jerry, but he can’t make it, so ???)
  • Vision demos (Me)
  • Rasbot-Pi (our workshop project, Me)
Filler, if needed…
  • Incomplete R2-D2 (Me)
  • BARB, robot based on Powerwheels drive train (Me)
If you want to bring something to show off, let me know… and sign up to volunteer. We can make room as needed.
I am planning on doing the next installment of the workshop series at the event. Raspberry Pi and the Arduino (of course that means I have a lot of writing to do this weekend). I’ll determine when once I’ve had a chance to peruse the schedule. That also means part of the booth will be setup for the presentation. Probably the part where I have my displays.
Let me know if you have problems registering on our site. I know a couple folks got caught in a vicious security cycle because their account was stuck in permanent pending mode. Once I activated the accounts, everything went through fine.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out.