Annual Meeting of the Corporation minutes
The Robot Group, Inc.

date : 2016-12-04

location : Brookdale – Gaines Ranch
4409 Gaines Ranch Loop
Austin, TX 78735

Official business began at approximately 1815 hrs. Members attending who were eligible to vote are listed below :

Abbott, Rick
Bridges, Derek
Childers, R.D.
Cicolani, Jeff
Colbath, Don
Comer, Bob
Currie, Glenn
Davidson, Tom
Deka, Pranjal “Chip”
Dilworth, Wolf
Konradi Vadim
Lundquist, Eric
Ploskonka, Yama
Rutherford, Jerry
Santana, Sonia
Scioli, Denise
Scioli, Mike
Selph, Brad

The first order of business was the election of officers. The following nominations were made and seconded.

Rick Abbott, Secretary
Wolf Dilworth, Treasurer
Mike Scioli, Vice-president
Jeff Cicolani, President

Derek Bridges, Director
Glenn Currie, Director
Yama Ploskonka, Director

A voice vote was called and the voting was unanimous.

Following the voting, discussion about priorities for 2017 commenced. A brief synopsis follows.

Jeff Cicolani spoke of major opportunities to exhibit and to raise our public profile in 2017 including SxSW Interactive and Maker Faire – Austin.

R.D. Childers suggested that the corporation reach out to the University of Texas Robotics Club.

Mike Scioli suggested discussion about how to use our web site and our Facebook account to position the corporation as a repository for resources for schools, groups, parents interested in enhancing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education.

Wolf Dilworth suggested that we resume investigation of the feasibility of a Summer Robotics Camp (four weekends on Saturdays and / or Sundays).

Derek Bridges suggested that we follow-up on contact he made at a previous meeting with a Bay-area STEM educator who was seeking our support.

Jeff Cicolani and Jerry Rutherford suggested that we follow-up with the contacts that we made with the parents behind the STEM efforts at Kathy Caraway Elementary School. Further discussion ensued about our ability to help with low-cost robotics projects that could engage teams of two to four students (as opposed to the BEST and FIRST projects that require the cooperation of much larger teams).

Wolf Dilworth suggested changes to the web site in the form of some online, searchable database of the skill-sets of the members.

Mike Scioli suggested that members strive to place documentation (photographs, blueprints, bills-of-materials, step-by-step descriptions) of projects completed by members current and historical. Some of this information is currently offline but archives should be available soon.

Rick Abbott suggested the possibility of involvement with the Trail of Lights winter holiday displays at Zilker Park. He further suggested a fun-to-watch candy dispenser project.

Yama Ploskonka expressed concerns about copyright for articles and projects published on the web site. Mike Scioli suggested that discussion be tabled until the first meeting of the officers and board members (in January).

Jeff Cicolani suggested a two-fold increase in the annual membership dues. Denise Scioli expressed concerns about affordability to retirees. Jerry Rutherford provided information about his experience with the Robomo (Missouri Area Robotics Society). Jeff emphasized that any such membership dues increase could be done in a manner to accommodate retirees and families.

The business meeting was properly adjourned shortly after 1900 hrs. The Board convened at 1911 hrs and the elections were ratified without dissent.

Respectfully submitted by M.E.T. ‘Mike’ Scioli