As we all partake in out own robotics journey we inevitably find different resources for information. My particular journey is a quest for autonomy. I am looking to build autonomous robots which perform specific tasks. Much of my time in this quest is internet research. And, in so doing, I’ve found some fantastic resources that I wanted to share with the group. What follows is a listing of links to web sites and videos on several topics. Some of the topics are definitely more advanced than others. Many of them are still well beyond me, but I’ll get there. Regardless, it’s good reading.

Interesting robot projects:



  • Photogrammetry and Robotic Mapping videos – These are the lecture photos from Professor Stachniss at the University of Bonn in Germany. If you want to know about localization and mapping, this is it.
  • Homebrew Robotics Club – These are the videos of the HBRC in Silicon Valley. This is the robotics club we need to be emulating because, wow.

How to:

Robot Kits and Information:

These are links to a couple of the kits I’ve purchased.


These links are some of them I have bookmarked over the past couple years. Some are more relevant to current pursuits than others. If you have more we can add them here, or you can start a thread of your own.

I hope these are useful.