We will be using this post as the planning and tracking thread for our InMoov build. As we build out the bot I will be updating this post.

To get us started let’s look at the pieces of the InMoov humanoid robot in the order we’ll be tackling them.

The order listed below is not the same as the order listed on the site. The reason being I want to start with the pieces which will have the greatest impact on interaction. Starting with the face and working back from there we can immediately see what it is we’re building and we’ll be able to incorporate some of the human/robot interaction experiments for those members looking forward to this part of the project.

But, first, let’s talk about color. The Robot Group, as far as I know, do not have an official color scheme. What I’d like to do is use white for the external panels and then one or two colors for the inside parts. If we are able to mill some of the parts out of aluminum we would have that metallic color happening wherever those parts are. By using black and, possibly, safety yellow on the internal plastic parts I think we will have a real show piece. If we are able to produce some of the parts in metal the listed color is irrelevant. I have it listed in the event we print the part.

The lists below are the specific parts for each piece of the robot using the file name you will find on the official site. I have also included notes as to what I think the color should be. If I think the part would be better in metal vs. plastic I ask the question in the list as well. When someone volunteers to manufacture the part I will put their name, and the expected due date. As we complete the parts I’ll mark the completion date and strike through the text like this.

Let’s get started with the face and jaw since this is the part we will be interacting with the most and, frankly, it would be weird starting someplace else. The face and jaw actually consist of three pieces; the face, the jaw, and the eye mechanism. These three pieces are further broken down into 9 printable parts for the face and jaw and 6 for the eye mechanism. All of the files needed to print these parts for the face and jaw can be found here: https://www.wevolver.com/gael.langevin/inmoov-robot/face-&-jaw/file. The part files for the eye mechanism can be found here: https://www.wevolver.com/gael.langevin/inmoov-robot/eye-mechanism.

  • Face and jaw
    • JawHingeV1 – black – metal? – Printed by Bill in black
    • EyeglassV3 – white
    • JawSupportV1 – metal? – Printed by Bill in black
    • JawV4 – white – Printed by Bill in black
    • JawPistonV1 – metal? – Printed by Bill in black
    • JawHingeV2 – black – Printed by Bill in black
    • TopMouthV2 – white – Printed by Bill in black
    • SideHearV2 – white – Printed by Bill in black
    • LowbackV2 – white – Printed by Bill in black
  • Eye mechanism
    • EyeToNoseV4 – black – metal?
    • EyeSupportV3 – black
    • EyeMoverUpV3 – yellow – metal?
    • EyeMoverSideV4 – yellow – metal?
    • EyeCameraV3 – black
    • EyeBallV1 – white (or black if we want a creepier look)

We’ll continue then with the skull and ears. This will mostly complete the head so we don’t have a disembodied face floating around. The skull and ears consist of 11 parts and the build files can be found here: https://www.wevolver.com/gael.langevin/inmoov-robot/skull-&-ears. Here is where we need to make a decision about the ear. Do we want to use the human looking ear or do we want to use the round plate? There is also the option of exposing the speakers as the ears, which is odd to me, but it’s an option.

  • Skull and Ears
    • TopSkullRightV3 – white – Printed by Bill in black
    • TopSkullLeftV3 – white – Printed by Bill in black
    • TopBackskullV1 – white – Printed by Bill in black
    • SpeakerSpacer1 – black – x2
    • Speaker1 – this looks like a dummy part to hold the place of the actual speaker. We probably don’t need this.
    • EarSpeakerRightV1 – white
    • EarSpeakerLeftV1 – white
    • EarRightV1 – white
    • EarRightV0 – white
    • EarLeftV1 – white
    • EarLeftV0 – white
  • Neck
    • FaceHolderv3 – Printed by Bill in black
    • GearHolderV1 – Printed by Bill in black
    • MainGearV1 – Printed by Bill in black
    • NeckBoltsV2 – Printed by Bill in black
    • NeckHingeV1 – Printed by Bill in black
    • NeckV1 – Printed by Bill in black
    • RingV1 – Printed by Bill in black
    • ServoGearV1 – Printed by Bill in black
    • SkullServoFixV1
    • ThroatHolderV1
    • ThroatHoleV2
    • ThroatPistonBaseV3
    • ThroatPistonV3

From there we will move on to the torso then the chest & back followed by the stomach, Biceps, forearms, and the hands. I’ll post these sections as we get closer the their build; and not just because the InMoov site was being uncooperative or because it’s the end of a long day and I want to move on to the next thing on my list.

7/24/2015 Progress report:

  • Bill delivered the pieces for the skull and face at the last couple of meetings. They were printed in black and we may re-print them in white (or clear… clear would be super cool). But these black pieces have gotten us going. If the group decides we want to continue in black then we will stick to it, but I think we need to choose a second color to break it up a bit.
  • The hardware for assembly arrived ten minutes after I left for the meeting so we were unable to begin construction as I was hoping. However I did assemble some of the skull today to make sure the hardware would work properly. There weren’t screws called out in the assembly instruction, specifically, and most of the forums have been using metric m3 screws. I ordered #4-20 thread cutting screws for plastic and, with one exception, have not had a problem with them. One piece did break from the screw but that was due to a noticeable flaw in the print at that location. I will try to glue it back in place and try again. If that is unsuccessful we will need to print another.
  • I did set some of our folks to sanding the pieces last night and a couple of them got done. We may be investing in building an acetone vapor chamber for treatment to reduce any sanding needed. To do this we’ll need a fish tank, burner, and metal plate. There is a safer cold process we will be implementing which consists of a storage box, paper towels, aluminum foil, and acetone. It takes a bit longer, but there’s a lot less risk of explosion. We’ll be doing that.