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    Mobile crusher overload will mean that the device itself already has some problems, and this is a wake-up call, remind us to check and maintain it from time to time, there is a load situation, to be handled in a timely manner, do not drag, drag the longer The problem will be more serious, for the device itself will have a great impact, then we come to understand the next, it can not load the reason.
    The basic characteristics of the Portable crusher plant load uneven impact load, the belt drive case, the impact load will also have a great impact on the motor, pulley and drive pulley, causing the motor over-current, heat, belt and pulley wear and tear faster . Its overload on the one hand will increase the cost of equipment, accessories, while increasing equipment failure time and reduce the service life of equipment, which for large devices, the loss is enormous.
    Therefore, the mobile crusher motor overload protection is necessary, we can add between the motor and crusher pulley fluid coupling, this device has a strong overload protection.
    Through the above introduction, when we use the mobile crusher, we must check it in many ways, in advance to prevent the work in order to greatly improve its efficiency.

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