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    <p>Lasers have the accuracy to zero in on a target and return ridiculously precise measurements and observations. NASA is looking at laser pen 200mw as a defense, though not the sort designed to blow up invading spacecraft crawling. Its lasers will gather data that will enable researchers to calculate ice volume and track changes over time.</p>
    <p>To perfect the laser process for avocados, but if the trial rolling out this week goes well they expect laser-labelling to be extended. The energy of the laser damages, destroys and melts different components of the target. Army plan is to increase the strength of the laser up to 100 Kilowatts.</p>
    <p>Airline pilots have expressed anger after a planned crackdown on aircraft laser attacks was dropped. Then there are makers of high performance lasers used for precision cutting and welding. A maker of high-performance industrial lasers and components for industrial material processing.</p>
    <p>Unmanned aircraft equipped with lasers to destroy ballistic missiles during their boost phase. The key challenge is creating a laser that is powerful enough to destroy a ballistic missile. Considering that it can create virtually any kind of aircraft part using lasers.</p>
    <p>Strong 2016 earnings among top industrial laser providers, continued brisk adoption of fiber lasers (https://www.htpow.com/200mw-green-laser-pointer-pen-532nm-belong-to-cass-llla-p-1003.html) , cheaper ultrafast lasers, and a host of novel applications. Marking lasers continuing to get cheaper, as well as cheaper diodes driving down fiber laser prices.</p>

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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