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    Potassium ore in accordance with the state of existence of solid potassium and liquid potassium resources. Solid potassium is divided into water-soluble potassium (ie, potash) and non-water-soluble potassium. The latter includes alunite, kaolinite, kaolinite, kaolinite, glauconite sandstone, illite clay rock, collectively referred to as potassium rock, are silicate potassium minerals, such as Potash fertilizer needs to convert potassium silicate into water-soluble potassium, the process is complex, the production cost is high, so the current addition to alunite ore is a comprehensive development and utilization, the remaining potassium rock has not yet formal development. Liquid potassium resources include salt salt bitter halogen, rich potassium salt lake brine and sea salt bitter halogen.
    Potassium is one of the three major agricultural fertilizers, the vast majority of crops have a significant effect of increasing production, experts estimate that the domestic need to fill potassium at least 70% of the cultivated land, and potassium is the raw material for the production of potash. Potash is the most scarce non-metallic mineral in China, its supply can not meet the needs of industrial and agricultural development. Ma Hongwen in the study, to Shaanxi Luonan Changling potassium feldspar as raw material, after a variety of ore extraction experiments, the successful extraction of the “potassium sulfate” and “mineral-based potassium nitrate” and other agricultural potash fertilizer products, reached the potassium Feldspar mine fully the purpose of the use of resources, and the production process energy efficient, one-time consumption of resources less, in line with clean production “green chemical” requirements. To achieve large-scale industrial production, will be able to present China’s imports of potash 50%, reduced to more than 10 percent.
    So how to properly extract potassium from the potassium ore it, which requires complex and complicated extraction process, in this process, the most important is the application of ultrafine mill, SBM production of professional potassium ore powder machine is not only functional , In this extraction process greatly reduce energy consumption, improve production, and high safety and reliability, environmental clean and pollution-free, is the modern social mill equipment leading choice.

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