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    Portable crusher plant operation, we must strictly implement the maintenance of machinery and operating rules, we need to deal with any problems that may arise in the equipment and matters, timely preventive treatment, the only way to play good performance of each device , Then it has what it needs attention in use?
    1) The parts to the machine and to the loading and unloading location should be smooth;
    2) The mobile crushing plant should be very easy to use, start and control instruments and equipment,
    3) Careful and prompt maintenance – Probability of cleaning, lubricating, tightening screws and other work;
    4) tools, auxiliary materials, spare parts and debris placed in the wall of a special box or wood, should ensure proper storage and use of convenient and rapid.
    5) lighting should be necessary to make the Portable crusher plant work and inspection process related to the work;
    6) There should be the possibility of implementing technical safety regulations and fire fighting measures.
    Portable crusher plant prior to use, require the relevant operator, must be its operating procedures and precautions, must be mastered, at the same time, but also regular cleaning and maintenance of equipment, to ensure that it is throughout the operation Can run safely.

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