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    Ultrafine milling for mineral processing is a beneficiation process, before the magnetic separation or flotation process, all kinds of mineral processing production line of the main grinding equipment, the grinding effect is very popular, different from ultrafine Raymond grinding equipment, the equipment powder grinding can be done dry grinding, but also can be wet grinding, so, its grinding effect is very important, And the effect of grinding is directly related to the uniformity and size of the grinding granularity. The following describes the grinding effect of ultrafine milling machine.

    Taking the cement ultrafine mill as an example, it mainly introduces two main functions:

    1. Increase the material exposure area

    Material after ultrafine mill powder grinding to ensure that raw materials in the kiln to get sufficient chemical reaction, so that can fully complete the combustion, cement completely hydrated, resulting in higher strength. In order to achieve the above effect, the fineness of cement raw meal should be controlled at 0.08 mm, the sieve residual of the square hole should be under 10%, the cement should be under 8%, and the pulverized coal should be under 14%.

    2. Homogeneous mixing of various materials

    Cement raw materials in the limestone, clay and iron powder, cement, slag, gypsum and clinker after ultra-fine mill grinding, not only can crush it, but also make it mixed even, to ensure the quality of cement. In short, our company ultrafine Mill production of ultra-fine milling machine kinds of many, not only can be used in cement production line of ultra-fine grinding machine, as well as ceramic ultra-fine mill, lead-zinc ore ultrafine grinding machine and other ultra-fine milling machine equipment, users need to consult us online.

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