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    <p>With the development of industrial machinery in our country, the technology of Ore Milling Equipment is continues to improve. The current levels of domestic sand making machine is with high performance, high reliability and attractive appearance, has reached the international level. In the industrial age, intellectualization is the mainstream of technology development. The author would like to make reasonable analysis and prospect on the intelligent development of sand making machine.</p>

    <p>Excellent optimization of technological process of sand making machine can give it rock-crushing, aggregate production, open-pit mining and other operation and performance, and the integration of different models of sand making machine is available to form a powerful sand production line, to complete the needs of processing operations. The advanced design, excellent performance, high production efficiency, convenient to use and maintain, stable and reliable running, economical operation of sand making machine make it has a great deal of development in mining machinery industry in our country.</p>
    <p>The advance of information technology is promoting the unmanned mining technology from existing traditional mining process to automatically or remote-controlled mining to unmanned mining with advanced sensors and monitoring systems, intelligent mining equipment, high-speed digital communication network, new mining processes and other main technical features. Sand Maker is expected to enter the era of automation.</p>
    <p>Sand making machine is widely used in highway construction, water projects, construction areas gravel and manufactured sand processing, etc., and it’s ideal for breaking a variety of soft and hard ores, rocks and stones. Sand making machine develops its pleasant ecology and digital, intelligent, delightful mining machinery through independent innovation, to achieve significant equipment and high-end packages, sand making machine or sand maker has made greater contributions to China’s economic construction and social development.</p>

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