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    As Mike Prada detailed on Saturday, Morey madden mobile coins stockpiled usable assets while maintaining a decent team. Morey never had a single high lottery pick, let alone multiple high lottery picks. Once Yao Ming fluttered out of our daily lives and Tracy McGrady exited superstar status for good.

    Morey could have burnt everything to the ground, ensured a few high draft picks through losing seasons, and an eventual roster of young studs. Nope. He kept on plugging with rosters built for Rick Adelman and Kevin McHale while grabbing tons of mid-first picks and young players.

    And as Prada describes, he flipped lots of those for James Harden, which then allowed him to make a strong pitch to Dwight Howard. Fin. He has a title contender with an entirely new core despite going .500 or better every season since taking over. Daryl Morey’s redemption The Dream Shake explains why Morey has shut up his critics.Philadelphia.

    GM Sam Hinkie, who served as Morey’s No. 2 in Houston, is going about it completely differently, and I wonder why. Having seen his old boss have incredible success turning a mid-rung team with some talented pieces into a contender, why is Hinkie instead trading Jrue Holiday for Nerlens Noel and a pick? Why is Hinkie openly going into 2013-14 without a glance toward the win ledger?

    I mean, he told the Philadelphia Inquirer, “Yeah, we Madden 18 Coins weren’t knocking on any doors on midnight on the first [of July.] That’s for sure.” He’s not trying to mask this. He does not want the Sixers to be competitive in 2013-14. He probably would accept being non-competitive in 2014-15. He’s clearly looking to follow the Presti.

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