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    Ore ball mill (SBM mine ball mill) is the material after being broken, and then crushed the key equipment. [url=http://www.agnqtech.com/products/ore-milling-equipment.html]Ore Milling Equipment[/url], (SBM mine ball mill) is widely used in cement, silicate products, new building materials, refractories, fertilizers, black and nonferrous metal mineral processing and glass ceramics and other production industries, all kinds of ore and other grinding materials For dry or wet grinding.
    Bearing-type energy-saving ore ball mill, mine ball mill works: the ball mill for the horizontal cylindrical rotating device, the external gear drive, two positions, lattice ball mill. Material from the feeding device through the feed hollow shaft screw evenly into the first warehouse, the warehouse has a ladder liner or corrugated liner, built-in different specifications of the ball, the cylinder rotation to produce centrifugal force to the ball to a certain height After the fall, the material hit and grinding effect. Material in the first warehouse to reach rough grinding, the single compartment through the plate into the second warehouse, the warehouse is set with a flat liner, there are steel balls, the material further grinding. The powder is discharged through the discharge grate to complete the grinding operation.
    Bearing-type ore ball mill, SBM mechanical mining [url=http://www.punkdogwine.com/application/iron-ore-ball-mill-manufacturer.html]Ore Milling Equipment[/url] structural features: bearing energy-saving ball mill is a special rolling bearing as a support structure of the cylinder, in accordance with the new concept of a new design of the ball mill. It system to solve the replacement of sliding bearings used heavy-duty rolling bearing life and self-aligning problems, harsh environmental conditions, sealing problems and long-term work of the cylinder movement problems. SBM mine ball mill Compared with the traditional ball mill, the application of the ball mill can match the motor power can be reduced by 18 – 25%, saving 70% of lubricants, saving 90% of cooling water, integrated energy saving more than 20%.

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