Second Sundays we will continue our work on the Raspberry Pi robotics project announced in mid November, 2016. The continuing workshops will provide a foundation for developing more advanced robots over time. The workshops are designed for beginners and are intended to be challenging. Whereas each workshop builds on the previous ones, we will be documenting them on our webpage at and plenty of help will be available at our meetings to help regardless of where you are in your development.

This week we will be discussing IR sensors for distance and line detection. IR sensors have an advantage over ultrasonic sensors in that they can also detect changes in reflectance. We will use this property to allow us to detect the difference between a light colored surface and a dark line.

This is to help build us up to the competition on July 30th.

The sensor I will be using for the workshop is similar to

It is a variant on these, which will also work nicely:

I suggest getting a sensor shield for your Arduino to make connecting sensors easier. Of course, you are welcome to use the breadboard, just have connecting wire handy. The sensor shield I am using is something like this:

If you do use a sensor shield, you may also want to invest in some female to female jumpers like

We welcome first time visitors and encourage you to check us out at any of our meetings, workshops, and build nights. Our mission is to help you get started in the exciting field of robotics.

We welcome ideas for topics and are actively seeking speakers. So, if you’re interested in speaking or have a subject you’d like to discuss, let us know.


• 6:00 to 6:20 – Meet and greet. Meet with fellow robot enthusiasts, introduce yourself if you’re new and mingle.

• 6:20 to 6:30 – Announcements. Hear about upcoming events and initiatives.

• 6:30 to 7:00 – Show and tell. Show us what you’re working on, regardless of what stage you’re at in development.

• 7:00 to 8:30 – Workshop.

We have 110v power and a video projector, so feel free to bring a laptop or other portable electronics. Our typical mix is artists, engineers, teachers, hobbyists and sometimes just folks that peer in to see what all the racket is about! 🙂

We are kid friendly and encourage young people to become “junior members”. Everyone is welcome, children younger than 12 should be escorted by a parent. You may be surprised at  what our active youth have done… be sure to come visit us soon!

If you like what you see and want to join up… membership in the robot group is just $25.00 a year which includes an official Robot Group T-Shirt. (Such a deal!) Junior memberships are $15.00 and includes a t-shirt as well.

NOTE: Though becoming a member is highly encouraged, you do NOT have to be a member to attend a meeting. Hope to see you at our next meeting!