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Introduction to Robotics with Raspberry Pi

At this weeks meeting I introduced the next series of workshops using the Raspberry Pi as a platform for a small robot. The workshop is intended to be challenging but will introduce a lot of the concepts and tools needed to build more advanced robots than what you’ll get from an Arduino based one. Some of the topics we’ll be covering in this series are:
  • Installing the OS on the Pi
  • Familiarization with Linux basics
  • Using Python in robotics development
  • Interfacing with sensors
  • Interfacing with external processors like Arduino
  • Key considerations in robotics development such as voltage and logic level shifting
In order to make the journey easier I am suggesting some specific hardware. If you choose to follow along you are welcome to use any hardware you like, but this is what I will be using in the workshops. Most of these items can be sourced from The Raspberry Pi 3 is listed here because it is the latest version and has built in WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities.
These items are not available through, but can be found at or Fry’s.
The chassis for the robot will be of my own design (because I like to design these things). It will be designed around the parts listed here. I will make the designs, along with any source code we develop along the way, available on my GitHub site:

SXSW 2016

In March of 2016 The Robot Group participated in SXSW Create. Create is a free to the public (one of the few free events open to the public at SXSW) event similar to a Maker Faire with more of a focus on technology.

Resources for Robotics Research

As we all partake in out own robotics journey we inevitably find different resources for information. My particular journey is a quest for autonomy. I am looking to build autonomous robots which perform specific tasks. Much of my time in this quest is internet research. And, in so doing, I’ve found some fantastic resources that I wanted to share with the group. What follows is a listing of links to web sites and videos on several topics. Some of the topics are definitely more advanced than others. Many of them are still well beyond me, but I’ll get there. Regardless, it’s good reading.

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The InMoov Starts to Come Together

Last night was the 2nd installment of The Robot Group’s 5th Thursday Competition Night. Unfortunately there were no robots really ready to compete. Gray got his edge detecting working nicely and, I guess, he won that contest since there were no other competitors and the ‘bot completed the task. So, congratulations Gray.

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InMoov Build Plan

We will be using this post as the planning and tracking thread for our InMoov build. As we build out the bot I will be updating this post.

To get us started let’s look at the pieces of the InMoov humanoid robot in the order we’ll be tackling them.

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