The Robot Group was founded in the Spring of 1989 by a small group of Austin, TX artists and engineers who shared a common vision: utilizing technology to provide and explore new mediums for art. These individuals began gathering at Discovery Hall science museum, and working on projects. The staff at Discovery Hall referred to this conglomeration as “The Robot Group” so as to distinguish it from the “Computer Group” and the “Exhibits Group” that also met in the building, and it was under that name that the group was incorporated on December 17, 1992.
Through the synergy of fusing art and technology, The Robot Group has stimulated the public into a playful interest in high technology, and art now has new vehicles for effecting culture.
The Robot Group has attracted a diverse audience of young and old, tech and non-tech alike. Each with the curiosity to see the artful gracefulness with which man and machine can create new worlds.
The Robot Group has attracted national and international, recognition. The Group’s activities have inspired articles in Newsweek, Mondo 2000 , boing-boing, FringeWare Review as well as appearances on ABC’s Good Morning America and an episode of Invention on the Discovery Channel. Other TV appearances include the debut episode of Art Brigade, and the German program Kulture Report.
Here is a link to the Good Morning America clip which best describes our spirit and motivations in the formative years:
Our big spread in Newsweek:
Also over the years there have been several different websites documenting the multitude of projects created by the group and individual members. Here is a link to some of the past:
The name: The Robot Group
We are often referred to as Austin Robot Group but our official name is The Robot Group and we are sticking to it!
The Purposes of The Robot Group
(adapted from the Articles of Incorporation)
To offer a framework whereby advanced technology and the arts can be integrated.
To foster interaction between artists and technologists.
To create projects which explore the relationship between the arts and technology.
To combat technophobia through educational outreach, the staging of public events, and youth involvement in The Robot Group technological and artistic projects.
Did you know that you can have robots and other exciting projects at your next event?
It’s true, you can book The Robot Group for your next event! Contact the current president for pricing and availability! We generally request a small fee to cover the costs of transporting and maintaining our large selection of robotic equipment. We have appeared in many different shows and events over the years, contact us for more information.
More about our history…The Robot Group….the early years:
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